Food Justice for Dieters: How a Vibrant Community can Help

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Did you know that over a third of the USA population of adults is obese? Did you know that the estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the US is currently about $169 billion? And did you know that out of this obese population, the highest number of obese people are from the Non-Hispanic African American community (more than 48%)? Research shows that poverty and obesity do relate. In America, people who live in the poverty-dense counties are more likely to be obese.

As a 42-years old African American, I, Robert Jones, used to be a part of that group of obese Non-Hispanic African American group. And I tell you straight, it was not something I was proud of. Being overweight is an open invitation to a multitude of diseases (heart disease, stroke, cancer being just a few of them) and it nearly caused me my life, and about $250,000 in various medical treatments over the course of a few years. Even though, I am no longer counted among the obese, I still see so many men (much younger than me) who are overweight and suffer from major health complications. A majority of these obese men that I talk about belong to the low-income groups in the USA and the African American community.

Obesity in the US and the lack of a Just Food System

The reasons for this vulnerability of low-income people to obesity is as follows:

  • Lack of full-service grocery stores and farmers’ markets in the low income neighborhoods.
    As a result, the people living in these areas are often deprived of any access to fresh produce and have to make do with low quality dairy products (if these are available at all) as found in the nearby convenience stores.
  • Expensive healthy and high quality food. Researches have shown that poor people tend to purchase low cost, energy dense foods (foods that offer higher calories per dollar) that are more filling than the costlier, high quality food, but are also much lower in nutritional value. An over-consumption of calories as found in these cheaper foods, leads to obesity in the end.
  • High number of fast food joints that operate in the low income neighborhoods. Again, these places are responsible for serving energy dense but nutrient poor food to the people living in these areas. A regular consumption of this kind of food invariably leads to weight gain among the poor people.

Having come up from a similar neighborhood and having successfully defeated both poverty as well as obesity, I feel way too much for these young men and kids. And so, I decided to do something…to make sure that every one, whether rich or poor, gets access to a healthy and affordable food system. And that is exactly why I chose to join the IATP Food and Community Fellows Program.

About IATP Food & Community Fellows Program

IATP Food & Community Fellows Program is an innovative program, a food movement that strives towards providing a fair, green, healthy and affordable food system for everyone. I met great people there like Don Bustos and Malik Yakini. At the time I joined the program, Malik Kenyatta Yakini was the Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network.

As an IATP Fellow, my duty is to advocate food justice and healthy diet for all people regardless of race or income status. Using media, policy advocacy and community activities, IATP Fellows promote innovative and practical ideas about every aspect of the national food system. IATP as a community supports an environmentally responsible farming system, fair labor standards and food justice for all, especially our younger generations. It also shows a specific interest in people like me, those who want to work towards making healthy food a reality in especially the low income neighborhoods and the minority communities.

As a part of my endeavor with IATP, I had been trying and researching various methods through which I could fulfil my purpose of providing a nutritious, yet extremely affordable diet for the poor people. Two years ago, I came to know about Nutrisystem and looking back at that moment in time, I have no reluctance in saying that it was one of the best decisions of my life when I first decided to try out the Nutrisystem diet.

About the Nutrisystem Diet Program

Simply put, Nutrisystem is a portion controlled, weight loss program. It uses an online calorie analysis method to calculate the exact calorie requirements of a human body, and then prescribes a meal that meets these requirements in the strictest manner. Icing on the cake is the fact that it is also super affordable (and so, ideal for my work as an IATP fellow). As a part of the Nutrisystem program, clients are provided pre-packaged meals that are shipped directly to their doorsteps. So, there is no need to go to those cheap convenience stores or fast food joints, and pay for energy dense, nutrient-poor food. Instead, with minimum cooking required (you just have to heat the package), you can enjoy quality meals sitting at home.

Nutrisystem offers a Healthy, Just, and Affordable Food System for all Obese People who want to lose weight.

The Nutrisystem diet is not about dull meals either, in fact, you get to eat chef-prepared pizzas, burgers, pasta and chocolates that are bursting with just the right amount of calorie as is required by the body. So, once you stop the over consumption of calories, and take in all the necessary nutrients, your body automatically starts getting healthier. The effectiveness of the Nutrisystem program can be gauged by the fact that once on this diet, you can easily lose up to 2 lbs every week!

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Why does Nutrisystem contribute to a Healthy and Just Food System for those who want to lose weight?

Nutrisystem food system (weight loss program)  makes dieting healthy, affordable, for the following reasons:

  1. Because it offers a healthy, perfectly balanced diet – Using the online analysis method, Nutrisystem diet offers exactly the right amount of calories as required by the human body. With specific plans existing for men, women, diabetics and a selected Uniquely Yours diet, Nutrisystem serves over 150 different kinds of chef-prepared, nutrient rich delicious foods.
  2. Because it offers highly affordable, inexpensive food for all – At an affordable price, you get four restaurant-quality meals in a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts) meaning you don’t have to worry about your between meal snacks either. Starting from a basic plan that costs $9.29 per day, you can move up to the Uniquely Yours plan worth $12.14 a day. For those looking for further discounts to the price of availing a Nutrisystem diet, you can easily find some useful Nutrisystem coupons as well as Nutrisystem discount codes on the Internet and save up to $50 or more! These coupons provide discount on top of the usual one time promotional discount of 40% that Nutrisystem offers to its new customers. Roughly translated, the whole price of 4 meals in a day comes down to about $8.21 by using the Nutrisystem coupons and Nutrisystem discount codes!!
  3. Because it is very convenient. With pre-packaged meals being delivered right to your home, you do not have to worry about going out for a late dinner or to buy groceries. All you need to do is heat the package and consume it.
  4. Because it has a vibrant community. The Nutrisystem online community is a busy place, where you can find out more people like you and share your success stories. Becoming a member of the Nutrisystem community and actively participating in the discussion board topics, you can learn about new ways that help achieve positive results faster with the Nutrisystem diet. You can also learn about some very innovative recipes that you can develop using the existing Nutrisystem meals. At the same time, you are free to share in the disappointment/frustration of other members, if they have not been experiencing the best results. By not following their mistakes, you can ensure that your Nutrisystem diet stays on course.In the end, I, Robert Jones, reiterate my promise that I will continue to work towards providing food justice and a healthy and affordable food system for all, regardless of race or social status. I hope you will join me, and find your way towards a healthy diet an

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