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Molly Anderson

Molly Anderson is an independent consultant on science and policy for social justice, ecological integrity and community-serving food systems.

Jeremy Brown

Presently the owner of the offshore albacore troller One And All, Jeremy Brown has worked the waters all over the Pacific Ocean.

Leon Crump

Leon Crump assists farmers and landowners in the areas of economic development and social justice.

George DeVault

DeVault and his wife, Melanie, own and operate a 20-acre certified organic farm in Emmaus, PA.

Loni Kemp

Loni Kemp is a Policy Analyst at Kemp Consulting specializing in conservation programs, agriculture policy, whole farm planning, and water quality issues.

Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke is the founding and current director of White Earth Land Recovery Project in White Earth, Minnesota.

Michelle Mascarenhas

Michelle Mascarenhas is the coordinator of Rooted In Community (RIC), a national grassroots network that empowers young people to take leadership in their own communities.

Ricardo Salvador

Ricardo Salvador of Ames, Iowa, is an expert in maize physiology with a special interest in the history and sustainability of human societies and their modes of subsistence.

Francis Thicke

Francis Thicke owns and operates an organic grass-based dairy farm in Fairfield, Iowa.

Amy Trubek

Amy Trubek focuses on the importance of the taste of place as a means of promoting and supporting place based foods and regional food systems.

Arlin Wasserman

Arlin Wasserman leads Sodexo's efforts on sustainability and eco-efficiency, community development, health and wellness in North America.

Mark Winne

Mark Winne is the former Executive Director of the Hartford Food System and currently writes, speaks, and consults extensively on community food system topics.

Meet the Fellows

Raj Patel

Raj Patel, a writer, academic and activist, works in support of food sovereignty in the US and the Global South through advocacy, analysis and protest.

Ideas in focus

Cultivating Leadership and Equity in the Food Movement

April 2013

The IATP Food and Community Fellows Program is coming to an end, but it's springtime for our work growing equity in the food system and cultivating diverse leadership in the movement.

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