Founding Director, Kitchen Gardeners International
Scarborough, Maine

Roger Doiron lives in Scarborough, Maine, where he works to promote the most local and slowest foods of all: the ones we grow and prepare ourselves. He is Founding Director of Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI), a nonprofit network of 4,900 gardeners from 90 countries who are taking a hands-on approach to local foods systems development. Roger also works to promote vibrant local, state and regional food systems through his work with the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) and the Eat Local Foods Coalition of Maine (ELFC). In addition to his advocacy and organizing work, Roger is a freelance writer and public speaker specializing in gardening and sustainable cuisine. His articles on food, agriculture and gardening have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Organic Gardening magazine, and Saveur. He is a contributing editor for Mother Earth News. Although grounded in his own local food system, Roger remains interested in and connected to international food issues. Roger first became involved in food issues in Europe as head of Friends of the Earth's European office in Brussels during the 1990s at the height of the Europe's mad cow madness. He was also part of the American NGO delegation to the last UN World Food Summit. He enjoys cooking, gardening and eating with his three Belgo-American boys François, Maxim and Sebastian, and his wife Jacqueline.